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It’s about time you cleaned your carpets. No more waiting until the last minute. No matter how hard you try to keep your carpets intact, spills, stains, spots and footprints are inevitable. Your carpets are in need of a good freshening. Typically, all carpets should be cleaned every year or at most a year and a half. A nice deep cleaning will not only bring back them back to a nice new condition, but also extends the life of your carpeting. Some warranties even make it mandatory to clean your carpets once a year or more.
But what is the best way to clean your carpet?
We will be reviewing the three best methods for cleaning your carpets.In most cases, your carpet manufacturer or retailer will recommend a cleaning procedure that will yield the best results. It is always a good idea to follow their advice as they know what’s the best for the carpets they sell on a day to day basis. If you are planning to deep clean yourself, make sure to select a shampoo or cleaning and dilution of the product. Refrain from using soap, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent or other household cleaners used on other household surfaces. We recommend using a pre-cleaning solution such as a mild-detergent.There are several easy ways to find the right professionals to do the job for you. Ask your friends who they use for their carpet cleaning needs or even Google Carpet Cleaning and a long list of Carpet Cleaners will be at your disposal. No matter which company you use, make sure you are aware of the fundamentals of carpet cleaning before hiring a company. Make sure to discuss with the professional which method is best for your carpet.

Dry extraction cleaning uses an absorbent compound and is infused in and around the carpet with specially-designed machines and brushes.  The compound acts as a magnet, attracting dirt, oils and soil in the carpeting fibers, once this process is completed you simply need to vacuum the area..  This method is recommended for most synthetics and natural fibers like wool and cotton that should not be exposed to excessive moisture.The dry foam extraction method applies a fluffed up foam detergent solution. This foam is much less dense than most detergents and much drier as well. It is worked into the carpet carefully with special designed machines, then removed by wet vacuuming. Some machines have their own extraction capabilities while other require post vacuuming.

The hot water extraction method, or “steam cleaning”, is the most common method for do-it-yourself Carpet Cleaning. This method uses hot water extraction equipment to infuse pressurized solutions into the carpet. Make sure to accelerate the drying process to avoid discoloration from the moisture.The rotary shampoo method is the classic home carpet cleaning technique. The rotary Shampoo machines use brushes to inject a cleaning solution directly into the carpet, then removes the loosened soil and solution. Similar to steam cleaning, this process make sure that your carpet dries as quickly as possible to avoid any problems.The absorbent pad method.

The absorbent pad method should always be done by a professional and should not be attempted by amateur carpet cleaners. This method uses a spin pad to remove the soil. The pad must remain saturated with the cleaning solution or else you may incur some serious damage to your carpet. The pad should also be changed regularly to prevent returning the soil back into the carpet.

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